The Christian Motorcycle Association meets on every 1st and 3rd Monday night of the month at the TCC premises 306 Iford Lane, Bournemouth, 7.30 pm. During the summer they meet on Poole Quay at 6.00 pm.

By way of contact with other bikers, CMA uses the Biker Bible which is given away free. Each Bible contains 24 testimonies in full colour graphics of men and women from the European biker world.

Tribute to Malcolm


It is great to share the agony (when you fall off) and the victory (when you win) of motor cycling with other bikers. Congratulations to Paul for winning - yet again, the ‘bike of the night’ award on Poole Quay. Thanks to all the mates of the National Chopper Club (NCC) the ‘Indian Club’, the ‘Bus Drivers’, Paul the ‘genius’ and all customising enthusiasts I am privileged to know and learn from. Keep up the work, you are doing a great job, hope you win next time.Last, but not least thanks to the friends and colleagues of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) for your ongoing interest and enthusiasm. Great to be part of you! Safe riding and God bless you all.